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Planning a funeral or cremation is an important step in honoring the memory of the deceased. While it is important that the day is designed with tradition and customs, many people are concerned about their budget for the event. How much should you spend on cremation and funeral services in Royal Oak, MI?

As you are comparing prices, remember that this event is the last time you will say goodbye to your loved one. It is a time when you can show your love and respect for a life well-lived. While it is smart to consider your budget, don’t carry regrets because you cut corners on the services. Many families find that a well-planned funeral is the most important step in finding healing and solace in their grief.

Our team will help you find the best balance between the value of services while respecting your budget at the same time. We provide a range of cremation and funeral services, making it easy to choose the details that are a good fit for the desires of your family.

Cost of Cremation and Funeral Services in Royal Oak, MI

Many funeral homes offer packages that include the full range of services required. You can choose an all-inclusive package with everything from embalming to graveside services. Or, you might keep it simple with direct cremation. Additionally, a variety of services can be added as needed.  

Keep in mind that bigger funerals will cost more compared to a simple service. The more you add to the funeral plan, the higher the costs will run. These expenses are often worth the investment because of the memories that will be created on the day of the funeral. We’ll help you compare the prices to find affordable solutions. 

Here is an overview of some of the details and products that will add to your funeral planning bill: 

  • Funeral or Memorial Services: Our team members will be available to assist with staffing the event, including ushering, transportation, and more. Other essential details include equipment, chairs, funeral accessories, and other items that will facilitate the activities of the day. 
  • Burial: When you choose burial as the way to lay someone to rest, you will need to select a casket, vault, and a burial plot. Fees might need to be paid to the cemetery for digging the grave, and there is often a cost for the graveside services. Green burial is an option that should be considered if you prefer eco-friendly solutions.  
  • Cremation: Many families prefer cremation over traditional burial because it is an affordable way to lay someone to rest. Your expenses for cremation will include the crematory fees, as well as the purchase of an urn and any other cremation accessories that are desired. For example, some families choose cremation jewelry or mementos to hold the ashes. 
  • Funeral Home: Most funeral packages include fees for the facilities use at the funeral home. These fees cover the storage of the body, as well as administrative support with paperwork, permits, insurance, communication, use of equipment, and more.  
  • Venue Costs: Where will the funeral or memorial be held? You will need to pay for the use of the building for the viewing and funeral services. Some families choose to hold the event at a local church to save money.  

Remember that price isn’t the most important factor when selecting funeral services. Your loved one deserves the highest levels of respect and care, which is why many families choose to pay for the best services regardless of the cost. 

Prearrangements for Funeral Services

As a general rule of thumb, last-minute planning for funerals and cremations in Royal Oak, MI usually results in a higher bill. When a family is scrambling to pull together funeral services unexpectedly, they are often making decisions in the heat of the emotion. It can be hard to think about the budget when you have recently lost a loved one.

Our team offers affordable solutions for funeral services, as well as streamlined systems to help you explore your options for immediate planning. Additionally, we encourage families to consider the benefits of prearrangements.

Planning ahead gives you the advantage of choosing services without the stress and emotion at the time of death. You can determine the right services and take your time when evaluating budgets and more. This process gives you time to finalize the details of the event based on your desired outcome and budget.

We’re Here to Assist with Funeral Planning

What support do you need for funeral planning? The most important decision is your selection of a funeral home. Our experienced funeral planning team is just a phone call away. We are ready to provide the full services you require for funeral and cremation planning in Royal Oak, MI. Contact us at your convenience to learn about these available services.

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